Earlier, our name was : Dharma Vana Arboretum. For many years our name was not easily understood and too technical so to speak. Therefore, we recently changed our name to Dharmavana Nature Ark (DNA). We feel this new name better explains and describes us. Moreover, we are no longer just a collection and plantation of trees. As an environmental refuge, the DNA has become a safe place for many species of Deccan animals. New arrivals of native species join throughout the year to enjoy all the trees we have protected & planted since 2005. Year by year, we can observe the robust rebound of an ecosystem on the mend. Consequently, using the word "nature" in our name has been found to be more suitable. We also like the use of the word "ark" to describe this place where we conserve nature's biodiversity. This is why we now have decided to change our name to : "Dharmavana Nature Ark".

You may now find us on Google Earth or here : {http://www.DharmavanaNatureArk.eco}

(Redirects to http://www.DharmavanaNatureArk.eco there is no more http://www.DharmavanaNatureArk.org.in)